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4 spies I made this picture look a bit strange and drawed a girl i between them instead of Alex.
alex setch.jpg
Alex (rough drapht)Here is my version of Alex! ><
I shall color her LATER!
I'm going to draw the other spies too. ^^
Tell me what you think.
Alex in spy uniformmy failed attempt at oekaki
Different SpiesYou can probably guess whos who.
BattleFigured I'd challenge myself. I've drawn a lot of male action stuff, but not so much cartoony female art. People are only K.O.ed here.
Turqouise GirlThis is my fave pic! It took me the longest time to do because i tried to make it as detailed as i could on the computer. Hopoe you like it.
A Cardcaptor type!I confused myself>????!?!??!??!?!??!?!?!??
Crusader GirlCrusader Girl was done at school for one whole day. I used color pencils and my personal notebook. If you like to see more of my art go to
my online gallery or
deviant gallery
Send Some Love, Get Love Back,this world is a sad sad place to be if there is no more love, peace, hope, and care, send this picture to a friend,
i recycle my bottles paper and cans and i save bottlecaps and soda tops and makejewlery out of it and i get money for my bottles and cans and paper and i give the money to homeless people standing on the street
i make clothing for the people in need, i make junk into usable things broken ripped towel+ torn pants = leg warmers arm band and scarf share some love to earth & people & animals,
SamSammy in a garden......
The dreamy forestAlmost everything drawn by me!.......exept the face and the BG!
Full view avalible at:
This Is My Life, Music.Music, The Sound Of My Voice Is An Instrument. I Love To Sing. I Am A Soprano 2 And Hope To Become A Singer Like Amy Lee ( I Am A Soprano 2 Who Might Sometimes Sing Soprano 1 and alto) " Sorry For My Suck'ish Grammer"

We All Have Something Special, Its Our Voices, They Are All One Of A Kind, Anyone Can Sing, As Long As They Never Give Up,

My forum logoThis is the logo for my forum.
Please do not take it!!!!
Happy MandyMandy look so happy (I wants fabulous, that is my simple request...)
honeycat request.PNG
Clover dollbest doll ever :p made it for my clone <3 Honeycat !
just thinking.jpg
bloomthis is my fav pitcher of bloom
jyf gf.jpg
You like that?This Sammy=)
KannaJust a Random drawing I made. It's just a sketch ^^
What's weird is that it won't let me upload my drawing of Clover. Well tell me what you think.
My Character LynnI've edited TS Sam coloring page with paint and here it is. :p
My fave pic of Sam!!!
Alex practiceI noticed that for some strange reason I always like my Alex fanart more than the other two. :P
EVOLUTION BABY!The older clover pic, made in 2004 was my first EVER oekaki...and the bigger one is obviously a few days off of a year later. :D This shows you what practice does.
Picture 002.jpg
#1st draw, CharacterMy first attempt at a character. What most needs work?
RanI think this is my best yet! It took m a while to get the hair right, but I think it paid off :3
My sister o_O?A little something I drew for my first art class this year ^__^ This is my first time drawing anime =p So don't expect something THAT nice, since im only 10 xD Im suppose to draw the person "I love most", but my the others are soo hard to draw, since my mom have curly hair, and im not good at drawing male, so I drew my sister ^-^
My (sailoŽaven's icon)my icon sailoraven
Updated CloverI changed clover alot, made her hair longer and added a cool background.
Pinkish girli took a drawing from a tv show on the computer and customized it. hope you like it!
My Theif!
Butt questionMy personal question...I do have a sexy ass! XD

see my complete art: deviant gallery
Sammy cute icon... :)Cute icon of Sam
SamMy first picture of Sam. Came out better than I first thought it was going to.
My name and SamMy name!
SamJust little picture I did in my spare time.
SammyyWell, first it was a drawing, made by me ;) And then I fixed it with GIMP 2.
I dunno, hair looks silly, especially high-lights, but well.. That's the best I can do. =D
Sam Version II ^^Hand-drawing Flash MX
Anyway, hope u like it :P
sammyi drew her more then a year ago, but hought you guys would like to see my absurd experimintation with bad pose. gravity fights all and any motion she is preforming with those arms wont really help
You Raised Me Updedicated to Josh Groban's song: You Raise Me Up.

featuring Akasuna no Sasori and his adopted daughter Ruka.
see my full gallery: deviant gallery
Try and Succeedhere's a pic of Sasori encouraging Ruka to take her first steps =3

+ see full gallery
+ see my site
Scarlet Girlthis is my last pic so far and one of my best.
Shop Banner.JPG
My Shop bannerPlease don't use or edit this picture, only I can.
my first siggysome pictures are from the avatar gallery and some from the comics
SpiesJust something I did in my spare time.
My car in the StreetGlow MagazineSo this car of my dad is in the StreetGlow Magazine. Of 14 June 2003
super rx-7.PNG
The spies have a new rideWell my first fanart,i dont have much to say but this is what happens when i mix Totally Spies and street racing ^-^
Titan Raven enchantixI AM likestella in deviantart. Don't say i'm copy 'cause this is MY fan art, i made it by paint ^_^
Totally Spies! (WOOHP).png
Los personajes de "Totally Spies!" como esp?as 2007 / The Characters of "Totally Spies!" like spies 2007Espa?ol

He aqu? la versi?n mejorada de mi Fan Art "Los personajes "Totally Spies!" como esp?as" en miniatura. Espero les guste.

Si desean contactarme, escr?banme un correo a: Gracias.



Here is the improved version of my Fan Art "Characters of "Totally Spies!" like spies" in miniature. I hope you like it.

If you want to contact me, send me a mail to: Thank you.
Totally Spies!.png
Las chicas de "Totally Spies!" 2007 / The girls of "Totally Spies!" 2007Espa?ol

He aqu? la versi?n mejorada de mi Fan Art "Las chicas de "Totally Spies!"" en miniatura. Espero les guste.

Si desean contactarme, escr?banme un correo a: Gracias.



Here is the improved version of my Fan Art "The girls of "Totally Spies!"" in miniature. I hope you like it.

If you want to contact me, send me a mail to: Thank you.
totaly spies bad scatingi am not realy good at drawing but its still my master pieace
Sammy!She got hurt a little
alex!my favorite of the girls, alex is so cute isnt she? love her! i did this just over the summer, im proude of her, this isnt perfect resolution, but trust me... its good. i modified her sut just a tad from the original and i gave her more... curve? i mix-a-lot i guess
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