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1127073353 copy.jpg
.............Mudusa (I think thats how you spell it)
Evil Thing.
Different SpiesYou can probably guess whos who.
Sam and CloverThis is a.......well its something I made..
chewwe copy.jpg
ChewweThese things are travlers.
I liked to color this picture!
Clover x).png
Clover on her jetpacko-o; Clover! =3

And... I have no idea why the background is black, its because its PNG or something..... But who cares. x3
Send Some Love, Get Love Back,this world is a sad sad place to be if there is no more love, peace, hope, and care, send this picture to a friend,
i recycle my bottles paper and cans and i save bottlecaps and soda tops and makejewlery out of it and i get money for my bottles and cans and paper and i give the money to homeless people standing on the street
i make clothing for the people in need, i make junk into usable things broken ripped towel+ torn pants = leg warmers arm band and scarf share some love to earth & people & animals,
The dreamy forestAlmost everything drawn by me!.......exept the face and the BG!
Full view avalible at:
This Is My Life, Music.Music, The Sound Of My Voice Is An Instrument. I Love To Sing. I Am A Soprano 2 And Hope To Become A Singer Like Amy Lee ( I Am A Soprano 2 Who Might Sometimes Sing Soprano 1 and alto) " Sorry For My Suck'ish Grammer"

We All Have Something Special, Its Our Voices, They Are All One Of A Kind, Anyone Can Sing, As Long As They Never Give Up,

My sister o_O?A little something I drew for my first art class this year ^__^ This is my first time drawing anime =p So don't expect something THAT nice, since im only 10 xD Im suppose to draw the person "I love most", but my the others are soo hard to draw, since my mom have curly hair, and im not good at drawing male, so I drew my sister ^-^
Old sketch of SamOld sketch of Sam when she sees something absurd!
Sam is dangerous with mascaraThis is Sam shooting a mascara thingy
made by methers nothing to just a random sleepware
SpiesJust something I did in my spare time.
Spy and Girl thingFollowing an unplanned duel teleportation, Alex (left) and Rick (Right) have a few minor problems to adjust to.
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