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> Totally Spies: The day with no tomorrow
post Sep 27 2012, 12:55 AM
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Hello, spyfans! I glad to introduce you the first part of my fanfiction, concieved as my thoughts of "Totally Spies" season six.

I decided to put the spies in completely new enviroment, the world, that need their help more, than ever... or the world, that don't need any help, that Sam, Clover and Alex could provide anymore? All that they known gone, their friends and enemies disappear in history, and they forced to be in the world, at least half-made from their own actions and mistakes.

P.S. I must apologise for any possible errors. English wasn't my native language, at all, and unfortunately i couldn't guarantee...

Chapter one: the future is... deserted

- This last mission was a total nightmare, - Clover moaned, lounging in the co-pilot chair.
- Clover, you are overacting, - answered Alex from her seat, - Well, I must admit, there is some obstacles…
- I missed my morning shower, spent all the day in the swamps of southern Siberia, wrestled with the army of mind-controlled slaves and defeated the mad genius that want to take over the worldб by drilling the hole to the Earth core and took control of the planet magnetic field. During all this time I was repeatedly dropped into the swamp, forced to crawl in the mud and bitten by the millions of millions of gnats, - the Clover said sarcastically, - And you said ”some obstacles”? What is, in that case, the synonym of “nightmare” in your vocabulary?
- Please, calm down, guys, - asked Samantha, belted in her pilot chair, - We will be home very soon.
- But not soon enought! – cried Clover, - I already late for my planning date, for the some quick make-ups, for…
- Stop, stop, we already agreed! – begged Alex.
- But for the worst thing that I can think about, - Clover voice were almost hysterical, - We could arrived too late for the evening “Forced Explanation” concert!!!
Alex and Sam sighed together. When Clover were in that mode, she were nearly impenetrable for any normal form of peoples communications.
Spy jet carried them over the Pacific Ocean to Los Angeles. There they hoped to report to Jerry about their completed assignments, pass their spy gadgets to the GLADIS artificial intelligence systems, and through the WHOOP tube transportation systems return home. All plain and simple. What could possibly go wrong in it, even in the spy world of plots and secret operations?
The warning signal flashed on the panel.

- Look like there is some sort of atmospheric turbulences, - warned Samantha, reading the information on the monitor, - Better hang on, guys. It may shake for a while…
- But there is no sign of clouds in the sky, - pointed Alex, puzzled.

- Well, some sort of atmospheric phenomena could… - Samantha haven’t got time to explain.
A blinding light flashed from nowhere in front of spy jet. The shock from the high-energy bolt ripped through the fuselage, sending the
- We had been strike by the thunderbolt! – shouted Alex.
- Impossible! – answered Sam, desperately struggling with the controls, - No one cloud on the sky!
- Well, that what could it be either?!
- Sorry for interruption in your scientific conversation , - said Clover, activating her control panel, -But do you mind if we stabilizing first, and THAN start finding explanation to this phenomena, eh?
By the joint efforts of three superspies, the spy jet finally began to response. Alex briefly checked the equipment, but nothing look like major malfunction. And this time Clover suddenly noticed something strange on the radar screen near her seat.
- Something really strange here, guys, - murmured Sam, - The radar doesn’t indicate any aerial or sea contacts in the whole effective range. We are approach the Los Angeles… it can’t be that there is no aerial nor sea traffic in this region.
- Malfunction, maybe? – asked Clover, - Hmm… No, it still read terrain and surface…

- Maybe it’s a national traffic-free day today? – Alex suggested.

- And look at that, - Sam turned on the radio, that replied in electrical hiss, - Static on all channels! No short waves… no cell phone calls… no TV translation…

- WHAT?!!! – Clover asked with horror, - You mean, that we are without “Forced Explanation” concert tonight?!

- I think our troubles is a bit deeper than miss the concert of you week-favorite band, Clover, - Alex answered slowly, - Because I just try to contact Jerry, and on the channel… - she demonstrate her powder, their screen was blank, - No response from WHOOP!

- Something goes really wrong here, - said Sam, accelerating the spy jet to his maximum speed, - We must return to WHOOP headquarter immediately.

The next few minutes passed in an atmosphere of tense silence. Alex checked the radio a few times, but still had no direct response.
- Someone calling us, - Alex exclaimed finally, pointing on the radio panel. Small yellow light was blinking on the section of automatic transponder.
Sam switched the tumblers on her panel.
- Some sort of automatic system, - she decide, - Alex, send our WHOOP recognition codes.
- But… the transponder shall send them automatically, - answered Alex.
- Do it manually – just in case, - Samantha ordered.
- At least, there is radio, - moaned Clover from her seat, - I was just beginning to fear that we arrived in Stone Age!
Nor Samantha nor Alex didn’t have the time to answer her, because the red light flashed on the transponder panel and a shrill alarm signal sounded the jet.
- Our recognition codes where not accepted! – Alex exclaimed, totally shocked, - The radar beam locked on us… we are targeted by guidance radar!
- Two missile launches observed! – cried Sam, overshouting the alarm, - Two missiles launched from Los Angeles region, and approach rapidly, distance 250, speed five Mach!
- They are shooting on us?! – Clover blurted, stunned, - Since when in America peoples shoot first and find out later?
- Since that thunderbolt!
- Start the evasive maneuver, - exclaimed Samantha, - I’ll try to lure the missiles below their guidance radar radio horizon, and confuse their self-guidance with ECM! Hold on tight!
The spy jet fell in deep dive, rapidly losing altitude. Engines roared on full power, the force of 5g acceleration pressed the girls to their seats. Overcoming the acceleration, Sam pressed the button on her panel, released the radar and thermal chaffs in air.
The red light on the transponder blinked – missile guidance radar couldn’t illuminate their plane now. A few terrible seconds, girls waited the answer – did they succeed in confusing the missiles guidance? – but the seconds passed, and nothing happened.
- We lose them, - Alex decide, smiling nervously.
Two tremendous explosion flashed two miles away from the spy jet, strike the plane with thermal flash and destructive shockwave. The plane circled, losing the control, the cascade of red malfunctions signals appeared on the panels. Sam grabbled the controls, desperately trying to stabilize the jet.
- What… what was that?! – Alex shouted, nearly hysterically.
- Nuclear blasts! – declared Sam, - Low-yield nuclear warheads on the surface-to-air missiles! And I was sure, that the “Nike-Hercules” were decommissioned years ago!
- Next time will check this things personally!
The shockwave passed, and spy plane slowly start to answer the controls again – but not as it must to do. Half of his systems were damaged by the EMP of the blast. Integral sensors – the few, that still working – indicate the major thermal and impact damage to the fuselage. Max speed dropped to subsonic level, computer analyses predict, that in case of any more maneuvers, the plane may simply fell apart in few seconds. Most part of the automatic systems switched off, leaving only the manual guidance.
- Alex, continue to send the recognition signals! – yelled Samantha, - It’s our only chance! I won’t be able to avoid next salvo with half of the jet systems malfunctioned!
- Let’s leave the plane and land down on our jetpacks! – suggested Clover.
- No! – shouted Sam, - Without the protection of plane’s titanium-composite hull, neutron radiation kill us instantly in the moment of the blast!
- I’m sending the codes… - Alex murmured almost insanely, her fingers tapping on the keyboard, - I’m sending the codes… I’m sending the codes…
The red light on the transponder panel suddenly turned off. The green flash appeared on this place.
- Our recognition codes accepted! – exclaimed Alex, - Radar hasn’t illuminate us anymore! Missile alert is cancelled.
Total relief in the plane cockpit was almost physically tangible. But not complete.
- Sam, give us full speed that this piece of titanium junk still be able to achieve, - demanded Clover, - We need to get home as fast as possible.
- Something wrong… - murmured Alex, - Something very, very, terrible wrong in here…


- It… it can’t be, - Clover gasped.

- We leave Beverly Hills only yesterday! –- there were tears in the Alex eyes.

- I doubt it, - Samantha somehow maintained a semblance of calm, - The blast craters appears like they are been here for years.

The spy jet slowly gliding above Los Angeles. More precisely, what was left of Los Angeles.
The city below them was a visibly endless sea of ruins and devastation. Skeletons of the skyscrapers towered like some horrible gothic towers , the empty frames of their windows gaped over the scorched concrete. The streets below was a chaos of half-ruined buildings, concrete fragments, rusted hulks of the cars and somewhere - rampant vegetations.
Two giant, half-mile wide craters gaped in a sea of ruins. Violent explosions, that happened here, tear the cityscape apart and shattered everything in range of miles.
Nothing moved below. Not machine, no animal. Only the pair of giant radar antennae, on the Palos Verdes Estates, still slowly rotating, observing the horizon.

- What happened here? – asked Sam, astonished, - Why this city is deserted?
- Come on, Sammy! – Clover waved in the face of her friend, - Look below! There are two giant craters here, if you haven’t noticed yet!
- No, - answered Sam. Raising the binocular, she stared at the panorama below, - Look at this. The area of total destruction around the craters is much smaller, that it supposed to be after so big explosion. It was as if someone was trying to rebuild part of the destroyed area, and decontaminate the irradiated soil near that. And look on those two completely undamaged buildings – they cannot withstand the blast so close, so, they were constructed after the bombardment. No, something wrong here…
Their conversation were interrupted by some quiet sound: Alex was crying.
- Now, stop that! – Clover said almost angrily, - You see – it's obviously not our time, but many decades, may be even centuries, after! Somehow we arrived in the future – horrible, I must admit – but all we need to do, is to find the way and return to our own time! Once we got here, it means that there is somehow way to return to our own time! And when we returned, we could think about, how to alter this future!
This short speech unexpectedly take effect. Alex stopped crying and even smiled awkwardly.
- Much better, - said Clover, - Now, we must…
- Come…
Faint, ghostly voice whispered from the loudspeakers.
- Who said that? – demanded Alex, looking around.
- Come… - repeated the ghostly voice between the static, - Come to WHOOP…
- W-who is talking it? – Clover asked nervously.
- Some sort of radio recoding, - said Sam, after checking the half-working radio equipment, - But… Girls, it’s on our personal wavelength! This is a message for us!
- Come to WHOOP…
- Please, let’s do what it said! – begged Clover, - I can’t stand that anymore!
- Ok, we will land… - Alex took hold the control levers.

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