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Full Version: How To Blend In Gimp.
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1. You find your first pic(it has to be different but in the same clothes)
2. open GIMP to 420*300 and paste your first pic
3. Go to layers> Anchor Layer
4. Then get your second pic copy it ONLY
5. Before pasting it go to layers>new layers ok
6. Then paste it now go to GIMP tools and go to rectangle select tool then feather edges and type in 40.0
7. Go back to the siggy and where you made the pics over-lap select it there
8. Press delete
9. Got your blend now start to write text add brushes what ever you want

If you want to see it with pics its on the next post.
You paste the image, not post it. And you didn't even say the blending tool, you just said Gimp tools, the tool is actulley Rectangle Select Tool. And also you didn't say what number to feather which I say is 40-50.
i added all the stuff you said.
Alright, I just said so guess the tutorial would be wrong then. But its great anyway.
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