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[size="4"]Hey um ive been making stories of winx club here is one

Hey guys I was thinking I love winx club so I made a story but it involves an new fairy called Mariah Mariah is hot girl but guess what it is achally Musas sister she never new about ok here it goes: There was a mysterious prson in a blue cloak wondering around in the forest she stop to see alfea she walks in she stops at Mrs.Faragondas door*knock knock* She opens the door. Hello can i help you?Mrs Faragonda stares at the person "yes"the person said taking of her cloak "Where is My sister Musa is she safe?" The girl says. "your Mariah ! I thought you were dead I will get Musa"Said Mrs.Faragonda and ran out the door .!0min later " I will bring u to where your sister is "said Mrs Faragonda taking Mariah out the door. To be continued Ok guys this is how Musa never new her sister Baltor was to cast a spell for Mariah to fall in love with him because she has every kind of power so now blooms parents took Mariah and hid her but after the big intedent Mariah was older she went away to find her sister ok on with the story "girls lisen up"Said Mrs.Faragonda "Musa I need to talk " Musa steped up and went to see who the girl was she was shocked and the they put their palms together then a light shot up and it was their mom it was a message. "If u are lisening then u are my kids u both need to put your streangth together and your friends and u can win evry battle you face i g2g I love u" then the message dissapeared guess wats nexts to be continued There were Marks on both hands hearts with music notes "Musas look!" said Mariah looking down at both hands. They both took there hands away and musa took mariah to the other room This is Mariah every body sat up "hi imflora" "Hi Im bloom" "Nice name im tecna" "Hey im stella" "yo im layla" *ring ring* Stella picked up the phone it was the boys talking about rivens compation tommorow they want us to go!" she said "no way I broke up with riven wat makes you think I would be happy about him winning?" said Musa "I want to meet the boys can we go please?" said Mariah "ok fine!" said Musa. During the night Mariah coldn't sleep she couldnt wate .the next morning They all went to red fountain Mariah got to meet all the boys. "wheres Riven"asked tecna "Hes geting ready" said Timmy . They all sat down and the race begun as ussal Riven was in front of evry body and made it through the finnish line . "Yay"they all shouted they all went to the park to wait for riven. "Riven"said Layla."I won!" said riven come on guys lets leave Mariah and riven to meet eachother"said Bloom and they all walked away Riven stared deep into Mariahs eyes and had a soft spot. "You wanna go for a ride"He asked "sure" Mariah and hoped on the bike they stoped at a flower patch with a water fountain all of a sudden three witches showed up. Icy Darcy and Stormy "Hello Riven whos your little friend?" said Darcy and through a witch ball at him . "leave him alone and im Mariah Musa's sister!" she said All of a sudden Mariah transformed into her enchantix . "Wait a minute" said a mannly voice it was Baltor. and through a quik fire ball a riven. "Riven!" yelled Mariah and ran to riven and the witches left . "we'll meet again" said baltor and dissaperaed.Mariah took her wings and glittered them all over and made riven heal he woke up and took her home. "I'll see you" said riven but quikly took Mariah and kissed her. They both new they were in love "Bye" said Mariah and riven left leaving the sound of his bike and left a rose in Mariahs hand. Mariah headed in side and told evrybody the news and Musa found out that Riven was a good man but then they heard about Baltor and they all got worried and told Mrs.Faragonda and went to bed.

hey guys thats 1 hole eppasode adn did u know the Stormy Icy and Darcy the first letters ofthere name make the name Sid I swere there going to make a evil dood name sid on winx club and winx is coming back this wekend Yes! Well leave comments see you

Hey guys thanks for the comments well here it goes:It was night Mariah was tosing and turning all of a sudden in her mind she had a picture of her kissing baltor . Musa came and woke her up " U were about to fall of the bed" said Musa and they all went down stairs and seen the boys but there was no Riven all of a suddon they all steped side ways. There was Riven he can closer and got to his nee . "Mariah will u come and meet my faimly?"Of Course" she said and he picked her up and kissed her. 6 days later: Mariah got all dressed her dress was butiful as soon as they got to Rivens kindom there was riven in a suit. "Oh MY GOD" Shouted all the girls and the guys laft. IT was a HUDGE party Riven was one of the most Famous Princes ever . He went in front of a every1 and told them this " Hello today i plan to tell you who I want to spend the rest of my life with Mariah can u come up here?" Mariah walked up the stage Riven got down on his nee " Mariah I know i will not be the best but I'll try to love you the best i can" "OF course i will"yelled Mariah. Riven picked her up and kissed her all of a sudden something got and front of riven and pushed him down it was baltor he took Mariah and disapeared."wat do u want !" yelled Mariah at baltor he took her arm twirled her and kissed her she atchaly enjoyed it but she loved Riven more so she Transfored into her enchantix. She threw lots of kinds of magic balls she shot him down and left bak to riven once she got bak riven was dying she ran and they all told her their enchantix didnt work mariah took him and kissed riven and some how the didnt know but by baltor kissing mariah she passed Baltors streanth and magic to riven now he was twice as powereful and he new hit he was just waiting for the right time to show it off! Ty guys for ecoureging my stories ill have a noth1 soon! this is me every1 the 1 that looks real
Ana the Dark
I dont like WINX but I like the story^^Add some pictures: <--- check this one out.its cool^^
I also don't like Winx, but cool story happy.gif
Shin Chan
winnnnnnnxxxxxx club rox
this story is like sooooooo
cool, I have to say, great,
job meh sister, chu is a tr
ue fairy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Nice ^^ I dont like Winx, but the story is cool!
Shin Chan
I agree
Great story, keep it up!
Shin Chan
can u write more? :0

Thanx for wrighting morw ^,^
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