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Full Version: Can't Choose A Sig >.<
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Shin Chan
Here are the options...




Please help me, meh firends >.<

***I'm sorry, i wrote sunset in all sigs, i'm a dumb fool, im sorrry sorry sorry.

***I vote for .1. XD But i made 3 so need your opinion.
I would take 1

It looks cool and colors are nice
The first one, totally!
Fatima Cullen
hmm i really cant choose between 1 & 2 >.<
their all cool
Shin Chan
Thanks for your opinion ^.^
my fave is second then first
The first one.
Shin Chan
1. 4
2. 1
1 is the best one but I prefer 2 xD
I like 1 the most, but omg great job on all of them!
I like the second one. wub.gif
good job ... all r amazing
but i perfer the seconed one ((2)) ..
I love the colours in the first, it's definitely an eye-catcher ;D
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