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Full Version: Tiia's "diary Of Poems"
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haix.... just changed topic name coz no1 was posting.... instead, i'll make my own "Diary of Poems" ^^ okies! on with my poems!!

The Beginning of FAFI

It started with a quarrel
between the both of us
i defended my friend,
while you just made a fuss.

I told her the answer,
to the trick question you asked
Then both of us ignored eachother
as the days passed

I apologized first,
then came your apology
soon we became friends,
as it came out to be.

There were two other girls,
who felt left out
They came to us
but not with a pout

Just the four of us,
nothing could go wrong

Thats what i thought
Till it began a sad song

Šopyrighted 2008 Tiia
uh..... quite long..... sorry!!! i juz dont kno wat else to say.... i made this while writing this Topic/Post.... O.O .... lolx..... ^^ i juz dun know wat to say!!!!

PS: FAFI is my group of friend's names... ^^
Awesome! wink.gif You are talented at poem writing. happy.gif
This is great
thankx... took a LONG** tym 4 ppl 2 reply.... -.-

Is this it?
is it over?
Am I not;
your friend, anymore?

Is it true;
your the rover?
and that
Everything, has tore?....

I've heard about it...
That you've gone against me.
A friend of mine told it all....

There's nothing i can do
Since it's not what I see
I juz cant let our friendship fall....

If i said that i hate you
or that i knew it,
Wouldnt you still go against me?
So be it.

but i just want
for the act to go on.
that through the rain;
an illusion of the sun..

Its really what i feel... we've never contacted eachother.... and its not as if she's busy..... even my other best frien hu's in d same sch as her told me....
That next one was so soft!
Thankx odd!!! i thought u were going 2 say 'nice/good'.... sweat.gif .... but thnks anyways!!! when i read 'soft' i was really thankful! im gonna edit this post n write in later.... im not in d mood 4 poems now and d 1 i just did was what i wrote while posting here... i nvr thought of it b4 hand... LOL
Good job!
I like all!
Thankz, dream!

The colour of loneliness

Noone understands;
what its like
to be not you,
and be a dislike

Acting with all;
the small fake smiles
while the burden moves on
to a thousad miles

To be not sure of what
your doing at all;
Though yourself knows that
your going to fall

Just to hide something,
a secret or a feeling;
A very hard thing to do.

Keeping it from everyone,
The feeling that weighs a ton;
I can't say what is true.

Isn't it sad to know,
not a person understands?
The only way to smile
is that to withstand?

Noone's there anymore
Noone to trust on
The only thing that's left
is just a grey crayon....

im done... tell me what you think... its what i feel this few days......
Good one, it has a lot of feelings. happy.gif
Thank you, charge! and its a mixed feeling....
QUOTE (Hitohira @ Jul 5 2008, 08:58 PM) *
Thank you, charge! and its a mixed feeling....

Have patience, time fix everything. happy.gif
Tiia is having trouble viewing WOOHP. But she told me to say thanks to everybody.
I cant get it right.... its supposed to be lyrics of a song i HAVE to make.....
arghh.... stupid music project....
and i HAVE to SING it ALONE....
WAHH!!!!! ='{
1st 2 paragraphs are the 1st 2 verses of the song...
chorus is NA, so i added the other paragraphs (in italic+bold)...

Singing in the softest voice
Like a whisper of the wind
The melody that’s from the heart
A song that’s coming from within

Walking in the pouring rain
Thinking whether it is fate
Feeling sadness inside of me
Waiting for the storm to abate

Never thought I could be so sad
Never thought I could be so lonely
Cause I've gone through all this before
But still, why did I end up teary?

Looking at all the happiness
Hearing all the sounds of laughter
I don't think I am one of them
Neither do I think I'm a fighter

so far only FOUR STANZA.... yepp.... im too lazy..... lol...
maybe i should make these new ones i wrote as the chorus??
whaddaya guys think?
Fatima Cullen
OwO this is srsly GREAT ASOME NICE!! u sure ur 12?XD cuz u write too good, it seems like uve been wriiten for years (;
yesh sish.... i am... uhmm... written only a few times ever since in 5th grade, that is...
okay, another one....


How can you understand what's on my mind
It's something that you will not find (out)
Looking back, I thought, "How could this be?"
To think its what, I couldn't see (at all)

I wish I knew what's happening
But it's just not worth believing
The truth is told though they were lies
They became of which i despise (so much)

sry..... only 8 lines!!! =X
anyways, the words in the (brackets) are just in case you *accidentally* sang it...
well... i did.... heh....
but i am NOT good with lyrics... =(
okay, hope you liked it!!!
Nice poems Tiia, a bit sad too
thankz and..... really??....
hahs.... im not into 'happy stuff' much.... =X

I like sad poems more than happy poems btw, I dunno exactly why
Whoa... You're totally awesome at writing poems, Tiia! Just like my friend, but she's great at writing riddles and so on.. sweat.gif But too bad she can only write riddles in Malay. ^^

You can be a famous writer when you grow up. =P

Anywayz, keep up the good work! happy.gif
im bored.... will do a 'can-did' poem now...

Waking up just to see the falling rain
Wished my life wouldn't be so insane
Only if it went my way
I wondered what people'd say

But its just a dream;
Eventhough as real as it seems

The way. That I. Wanted.
A world. I can. Be heard....
Somewhere. I could. Be equal.
A place. That would. Be simple.

~~~~~ thats the furtherst i'll do....
im into TWILIGHT NOW!!!! xD
pluz... i read it all night... hmm.... 8 hours straight?...
with a lil disturbance on my pda (read Twilight on my pda) xD
shh!!!!!!!!! i dont want to let my parents know why i was PALE as a GHOST!!!
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