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I know Gaia's a website XD but it does have loads of games in each of their towns and worlds where you can meet real people instead of just NPCs, its like an awesome online community. Has anyone been playing this too besides me? happy.gif add me as a friend if ever you play there too.

Stuff I like about it

*the avatars are like pixel dolls
*lots of clothes and items

etc O.O
>>home page<<
>>my profile link<<

*I hope I posted in the right cattergory...*
I only usually make the Gaia Avatar (Doll looking things).
Shin Chan
Chooi Jing got me into it XD ... But I forgot my username O.O
Yup, I'm registered. If someone wants to know my username, PM me. I'm a secretful person.
Shin Chan
An "OMG" and a "ZMOG" to ur vid there O______________________O (@ Darke)
teehee I was enjoying myself there XD
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