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Hi! I recently got photoshop 7.0. I started using it and in attachments are the newly made ones. But right now I need to know how to blend in photoshop is there anyone willing to help me? And plus is there anyone to be my tutor?


sorry the graphic will be here sooner not bothered going to photobucket
I can help you since I've got the same program :]
Blending is really easy. You either use the eraser tool to erase the background, or the selection tool with a feather of 10 or higher.
If that doesn't make sense I can PM yu with the screenshots and stuff.
Just send a PM Prue. Could you be my tutor if you don't mind.

Plus I can't save my graphic I mean I can but when I upload it.

It says I can't. Please help ppl help me!
I have photoshop tutorials, but they are in georgian language
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