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Full Version: Doll Lessons For: Ashton
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Hi if you want me to be your tutor then please tell me by a PM and you can share this topic but really this topic is for ashton for her tutoring please please please don't post stuff like: I learnt something new if you did WOW! Now keep it by yourself! sweat.gif sorry its kinda annoying

~~~First lessons
Shall we see my first doll?

and now:

The tutors I had: Darkemina, Sami , Shishi , XBLOOD ROSESX and many more and they hardly gave me lessons. Darkemina was the best so I learnt most thing by myself BTW: Masou is well. Well show me your doll( with shading and without shading please)

Hope you learn a lot.
OK here is my dolls lol!

(Trying to shade)
(Trying to shade)
(Trying to shade)
(This one is Without shading)
Thats great for first dolls! The one with shadings are GOOD! For you don't know and the without shading it lovely to! Now follow this tutorial I made and lets see how good you go. And when I think thats good. I will do a top test on you! smile.gif
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