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Full Version: My Drawing
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hi guys ..
how u doing ?
i hope u all fine ..

anyway i have a file which i put my drawing in it .. cool.gif
and i deiced it to show u one of my drawing happy.gif .... so i scan one of them ...
i hope u like it .... happy.gif

and here it is :

so what do u think ??!!

It looks very nice happy.gif good drawing
Nice, i like his eyes
Wow! It's really good!
very nicely done!
thanx all for the comment smile.gif
I really appreciate it
thanx again
It's amazing! You're an artist... wub.gif
Awesome work! I lvoe its eyes.
thanx all for ur replay wub.gif
.♥ ρเηĸ яαωяż ♥.
Didn't Open !!! dry.gif" But anyway !! It is so sweet that people leaves comment so I did ra7eel GOOD WORK !!
Shin Chan
I think the eye's look GREAT! =DD
The Shali
Awesome!! That looks great! Who is he?
It look great! Nice drawing :D
very cute! your sketching is very light though i can hardly make out some things tongue.gif

have you concidered outlining it or colouring it? it would look so darn pretty if it was!
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