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Full Version: What Is "sailor Moon"?
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Well, I've heard it on almost EVERY SITE I'VE BEEN ON, and I have absoulutly no clue what it is. Can u peoples explain it to me? And some pictures might help too...
Sailor Moon is an anime tv show about nine girls who live average lives but save the day when danger comes their way.

Usagi (Serena) is Sailor Moon, the first sailor scout

Mamoru (Darien) is the Tuxedo Mask and Usagi's boyfriend.

Ami (Amy) is Sailor Mercury.

Rei (Raye) is Sailor Mars

Makoto (Lita) is Sailor Jupiter

Minako (Mina) is Sailor Venus

Chibiusa (Rini) is Sailor Moon's daughter born in the 30th century and Sailor Mini Moon

Setsuna (Trista) is Sailor Pluto.

Michiru (Michelle) is Sailor Neptune.

Haruka (Amara) is Sailor Uranus.

Hotaru (Her name couldn't be dubbed into english) is Sailor Saturn.
ohhhhh...... cool. I'll have to watch it on youtube some time.
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