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Consumer Products

Karen Vermeulen (Zodiac´s employee) said  that as spies are now going off to fashion school,  it allows for more fashion based products to be made, particularly apparel, accessories, dolls and a plush line (perhaps Alex´s plushy turtle Ollie? or plushies from Clover´s closet?) Also digital games and gadgets that speak to users should be in development!

Source: Kidscreen.com



New episode title appeared on IMDB and uncovers new character - professor Jenkins voiced by Jason Deline. The episode is S6E5 - "Pageant Problems" and will probably feature a beauty contest.


Marathon Media posted a little sneak-peek of Season 6 on their Facebook page. We can´t see much but the spies´s overall head-to-body ratio is close to Totally Spies The Movie style.

Full picture.


Flunch restaurants

Attention fans! There is a special action in all Flunch restaurants in France from 27th October to 30th November  - if you order children´s menu, you can get either TS bracelets, stickers and laser lipstics or Redakai toys for boys!

Find the nearest Flunch restaurant here!


More details revealed


Sixth season of Totally Spies! has been picked up by TF1 and Disney in France, and Nickelodeon in German-speaking Europe, Benelux, CE Europe, Nordic territories, CIS, SE Asia and Africa. The show will also incorporate a four-month promotional event at the Palace of Versailles in 2013. Storylines are based on modern social and current worldwide events (think Royal Wedding, popular TV dance competitions, social network schemes) - this will contribute to the show’s updated appeal.

David Michel talks about S6 promotional events:

“The Versailles event is going to be very exiting as we plan to produce two episodes that are set in the castle, a special movie, and a live treasure hunt set in the garden. There will be a dedicated Versailles app, through which kids can get clues and show clips which will direct them to certain parts of the castle. The event will also include big promotional activities and sweepstakes around the world. I guess you can say that Marathon’s priority right now is doing things a bit differently than before. It’s not about just producing cartoons anymore!”

Source: Animation magazine


TS Cover

We bring you another sneak-peak of TS merchandise which is being prepared for the launch of Season 6. It´s custom smartphone cover depicting spies from Season 6 poster and Zodiac KIDS logo.
Source: Marathon Media facebook page.

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