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TS The Movie

On 29.8.2012 TF1 (main french TV channel) held a press conference and mentioned broadcasting Totally Spies The Movie this Christmas along with Kerity: The House of Tales. Specific date on which it will be broadcasted is still unknown.  Could this indicate Marathon is preparing the ground for releasing Season 6 in early 2013?

Bien sûr, on nous a parlé de l'arrivée de la nouvelle série de Maya l'abeille en 3D, d'un remake du même genre autour de Vic le Viking et de la diffusion vers Noël des films de Totally Spies et de Kerity la maison des contes, mais la série qui a évidemment retenu toute notre attention était la suite des Mystérieuses cités d'or !

Source: animeland.com



We made for you a small comparison between Season 3+4 and Season 6 styles. Most changes are not notable at first sight. (season 6 pictures are highlighted with pink edges) You can discuss Season 6 at our forum.


Awesome Season 6 Poster

Marathon Media finally officially announced Season 6 on their Facebook page and posted this amazing picture. There are some notable changes to the spies' design - we are currently preparing a mini-comparison. The overall impression promises more action and fun than ever before! Please feel free to discuss Season 6 at our forum.

Click here for high resolution version.


Promo Spies

The main character designer for Season 6, Orpheelin has released on her DeviantArt account a new promotional picture of the Spies used for 2012 TV Market in Las Vegas. The art style of S6 has a little bit simplified haircuts (it´s most significant on Clover´s hair). About the color of hearts on their Bungee belts - Orpheelin said the following:

"Concerning the belts, I personnaly color them with purple/pink because I like it and it's the references i've found in the guide-chart of TS. But most of time, I'm not the colorist, I only do the lines. I don't know witch references the production gave to the Korean studios for the colors on the belt."

Most llikely they will remain grey as they were in previous seasons but we would welcome this cute pink change.


Totally Spies Season 6 Promo



TS products and licensing


As Marathon Media (part of Zodiak Kids) looks ahead to a sixth season of the show, their marketing team is preparing new producs.
The international re-launch of "Totally Spies" will begin once the new season has launched in France and as soon as there is an indication of international TV launch schedules, Marathon will start re-introducing the brand.

Patricia de Wilde, senior vice president of Zodiak Kids Consumer Products said the following: "Publishing will be important, particularly illustrated books to start with, to help us re-establish the brand. A toy consultant is helping us move towards a new toy deal, very much with the U.S. market in mind." This is something U.S. fans were long waiting for because the only aviable TS products in North America  were dolls, console games and Season 2 DVD set.

Marathon will work with a network of local agents to represent the brand, as it did before. Social media and online components of the new "Totally Spies" content and brand strategy will be important and will build on new media projects the company has been testing in the last few years, including a popular "Totally Spies" social media game in France. Zodiak Kids will also target the 20-somethings with a capsule fashion collection in its strongest markets.



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