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Episode titles

Hello TS fans! We have exciting news for you - names of Season 6 episodes from IMDb and some new characters who were revealed! In Details it says that the release of Season 6 is planned for 2012 (Canada) and not 2013 as we thought!

Episode titles from Season 6   l Characters

6E1 The Anti-Social Network Trent, Telly Hardwire



6E4  Super Mega Dance Party Yo! Trent


6E6  Grabbing the Bully by the Horns Trent


6E8  Celebrity Swipe Alessandro

6E9  Super Sweet Cupcake Company Trent

6E10 The Dusk of Dawn


6E12 Mandy Doll Mania! Trent, Seth Toyman

6E13 Evil Ice Skater Trent, Iceolina


6E15 WOOHP-Ahoy! Trent

6E16 Trent Goes Wild Trent


6E18 Totally Switched Again

6E19 Clowning Around! Trent





6E24 Solo Spies

6E25 So Totally Versailles! Part I

6E26 So Totally Versailles! Part II


Note that S6E18 Totally Switched Again refers to S2E19 Totally Switched where Spies went to England and Clover switched her personality with Jerry which was fun to watch. S6E15 WOOHP-Ahoy! will probably take place on a boat or submarine as "Ahoy" is a signal word used to signal a ship. You can discuss Season 6 here.


Season 6 & Andrea Baker

Today, Andrea Baker tweeted about working on her TS scripts and attached a little preview!

However, the message continues and directs us to a specific part in the photo:

“While my GU peeps are having the time of their lives at our reunion I'm working on tomorrow scripts...
Please see "Int Clover's room". I love this job!”

Yes, you read right! Clover remains shoppa-holic even in Season 6! Let´s hope there are more gags like this one. Another thing that is certain - Alex´s plush turtle named "Paoli" is back.
Notice Jerry´s mom Mrs. Lewis. Do you think she is helping Jerry at his office in WOOHP? Let us know what you think and discuss S6 here!

If you would like to know more about Andrea Baker, her action figure and Totally Spies! Listen to this interview from The Voice Behind!

Here are some key moments:

- 8:25  "What women want" 
- 10:20 Totally Spies!
- 11:45 Andrea says they are half-way through recording S6
- 13:20 fan emails and tweets
- 14:10 brazilian voiceactress of Alex, Melissa Garcia might be visiting recording studio in
- 14:35 Andrea´s action figure!
- 15:20 future projects


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Andrea Baker's #TotallySpies Tweet

Andrea Baker (Clover) tweeted today about making more Totally Spies episodes!

It seems that Alex will be voiced again by Katie Griffin (S3 to S5) and Sam and Mandy by Jennifer Hale (as she mentioned in a podcast). If you have a Twitter account, you're encouraged to reply and let them know fans appreciate their work!    You can discuss Season 6 here >

Thanks to RySenkari for alerting us

Also Ocik found this on Andrea's Tumblr page:




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