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Totally new info!

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OMG, no way, hel-lo, it´s, like, totally spy time once again! And Season 6 of Totally Spies! picks up right where Season 5 left off! (For those who don´t remember - it is after Totally Dunzo I and II where Jerry destroyed all evil in the world.)

Following Sam, Clover and Alex as they span the globe fighting ridiculous-but-totally-evil-baddies, the new series has even more moments of the spies being together in their daily environments!

So, in addition to seeing the girls blasting off to faraway lands, we´ll also see our trio in class together; shopping together; living together; taking shower toge...err, working together; and, most importantly, scoping out boys together!

So get ready...´cause it´s going to be a super-fun, action-packed, totally girly, majorly awesome ride! The sixth season is set to launch on Nickelodeon in 2013 (according to the deal Marathon made with Nickelodeon in summer 2012) with sporting updated storyline and new picture quality.

Source document: Zodiac Media´s Kid´s catalogue


New details describing closely the Versailles promotional event have also been published:

Marathon’s promotional collaboration with Versailles from March to August 2013 will host a Totally Spies-themed treasure hunt based on the episodes. It will be tied to an interactive augmented-reality app in which Versailles’ kid visitors will learn its history while they use the app to find clues through animated clips. “It’s a way for them to draw a mainstream younger audience to the castle and make the historical facts more relatable to the public.” says David Michel.

Source: Kidscreen.com

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