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Tsunami of magnificent backgrounds

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I'd like to thank TotallySpiesPark for sharing this new load of Season 6 backgrounds, character designs and gadgets. Looking at the backgrounds, there are several Versailles stills, possible villian hideouts and rooms of their victims along with Utah or Colorado scenery.

In the pictures with character designs, we recognized several viillians making possible comeback in S6: Dr. Grey (probably in Totally Switched again), Yves Mont Blanc (famous shoe designer), Violet Vanderfleet (her episode will with all probability feature florist van and Sam disguised as florist as in images below) and Captain Hayes (although we cant see his face properly so take this with a reserve). Supposing the pirate captain, guy in fantasy clothes with magical staff and Clover´s pirate costume are not part of some fashion show or movie shooting, there is a chance of this being the WOOHP- Ahoy! episode which might be similar to "Stuck in the middle ages with you" from first season.

For all revelaled images go here.

Totally Spies Season 6 - Versailles

Totally Spies Season 6 - Utah

Totally Spies Season 6 - Hideout

Totally Spies Season 6 - Mission Room

Totally Spies Season 6 - Costumes

In case you recognized some other villians or want to share thoughts on S6, visit our forum.

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